The Importance of Inspiration

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I noticed today it’s been ages since our last blog post which has been due to, amongst a myriad of other reasons, the fact we’ve been super busy since October of 2012. So let me get a big happy new year out of the way first and foremost, and a long overdue one at that! Hard to believe April is upon us, as is the cooler weather, mulled wine, warm fires, dark evenings, hearty evening meals, woolly jumpers, baths and flannelette sheets.

In the past few months, in concurrence with a hefty workload, we’ve also been re-awakened to the importance of creative inspiration. Cliched though it may be, to work in any role where creativity and the ability to think laterally are key driving forces, you need to keep yourself tuned up, tuned in and passionate. This often comes in the most surprising of contexts, be it in the shower (yes, another cliche, but a true one), walking to work, talking with a friend on the phone, reading the newspaper, watching the news or otherwise. Children are also amazing, almost machine-like producers of original thoughts and ideas. I never cease to be amazed by the power of innocent minds free from bias and the cynicism that life experience seems to naturally cultivate in us.

I wanted to keep this post relatively short and sharp and a bit more visual than usual, so I thought I’d share with you some of the people, places, spaces and things that inspire me on a daily basis of late. Here’s but a few:

Poster Cabaret
Poster Cabaret focuses on modern concert posters and art prints.  The site features over 2000 gig posters and art prints.
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Makers and Founders
An amazing, simply presented collection of videos from some of the best creative thinkers and artistic types from the world over.
Go to >

Karton Recyclable Furniture Cost-effective, fully recyclable furniture that inspired the way we store and display all our studio gear. Melbourne-based as well, with a new store in Fitzroy.
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Hepper Pet Furniture
Possibly the coolest pet furniture available on the globe. Our JCD Personal Assistant and Office Manager Ruby Jane selected this for the list.
Go to >

The New Domestic
A blog detailing the many misadventures and adventures of domestic living today, with a great online shop to boot. Fantastic if you’re an interiors voyeur like me.
Go to >

In / Out Design Blog
A definite stand-out in what is becoming a vast sea of Interior Design blogs. Beautiful, big and bold images and loads of local content.
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