Thanks so much for visiting my sparkling new website design which I feel ever so proud to have designed and built myself from the ground up using the amazingly adaptable WordPress platform. Going through this process has been almost cathartic, looking back at the projects I’ve completed in my 13 or so years in the design sector and giving me a renewed sense of confidence, energy and optimism about the projects I am working on now and about to work on in the imminent future. To be frank, I feel like I’m simmering with ideas… Just looking for some way, shape or form to channel them.  Blog writing is a good start I feel 🙂

One thing the process of website design has also give me, is the opportunity to spend some serious time at my desk (and I mean serious!) and therefore evaluate what does and does not make a workspace pleasurable, functional and conducive to efficient, productive designing.  As the daughter of a father Architect and a mother who has an amazing knack of being able to make any space (and I mean any) seem like a home in a matter of hours (more often less), I have over the years developed my own, unique aesthetic sensibilities, which have become stronger and more defined the older I’ve gotten.

So, in the spirit of sharing what these sensibilities are I thought I’d post a link to this great article I came across on Freshome – a blog devoted to all things interior design and architecture – about Scandinavian home desks that encourage creativity. My favourite of these is pictured below*.

Linn%C3%A9staden Apartment 12 30 Scandinavian Home Desks That Encourage Work Creativity

Thanks for your support, I look forward to growing this website and blog exponentially over the coming months.

*Please note: whilst I think this room looks great, I acknowledge its distinct disregard for ergonomic considerations 🙂