It’s been a VERY busy couple of months here at JCD – hence my regretful lack of blogging of late.

The coffee has been flowing in abundance as I, and a recently assembled team of fantastically talented and proactive graphic and web designers, have been ploughing through a range of exciting new projects.  These projects have spanned branding and logo design, website design and development, and graphic design for an elaborate crew of new and existing clients.

We’ve covered many territories – some old and familiar and some new and very niche – including property development, ethical kids clothing, modern-day vegetarianism, double glazing, VOIP technologies, naturopathy, yoga, electrical supplies, architecture and many others. And as if I needed any further confirmation that graphic design is not for the faint of heart!

Alongside that, my partner Angelina and I have been busily navigating our way through a sea of tradies (which I think should in itself qualify you for some sort of award?), purchasing new items of furniture (not to mention reinventing existing items), rummaging through interior design journals, frustratingly deciphering IKEA instructions, ordering inspiring posters from the lovely Sebastian Kubica in Poland, painting walls and laying recycled carpet tiles, amongst a myriad of other weird and wonderful renovation-related tasks. All this whilst also knocking off a Grad.Dip in Graphic Design after two years of part-time study. Hail the arrival of winter!

Here’s a few photos showcasing the fruits of our labour. I look forward to posting more soon as we further put our stamp on our much-loved studio and shop space 🙂