2012 has arrived and I can’t help but feel excited about the year that lies ahead in our new design studio. The last 3 months of 2011 were crazily busy with work, new projects, renovations and other commitments that the opportunity to write (despite, at various times of night and day, conjuring up so many ideas and potential topics for new posts) a blog post of any value was virtually non-existent.

That said, we are now comfortably settling into our new ‘glorified garage’ – a large, lofty semi-renovated shop space at the front of our Thornbury house that is doubling as my design studio and the headquarters of my partner Angelina’s growing business ‘Tea & Sympathy’ (of which the JCD produced website, www.teaandsympathy.com.au is, excitedly, launching in the next week).

It’s been a month of hard work, loads of experimentation, late nights, passionate creative discussions, tradespeople, Architects, patience and pizza deliveries but we got there in the end and now have a spacious, functional and enviro-friendly area (not to mention close to home!) in which to work each day. We are looking forward to adding further personal touches of colour and character as time goes on; building and cultivating a space for us, our clients and customers, that is comfortable and unique.

This year I’m going to be working on a host of projects with new and existing clients spanning the worlds of both digital and print along with getting back into the swing of the second half of my Master of Design degree, set to re-commence, after a years hiatus, in March. I’ve also got trips to Taiwan, Japan and Tasmania planned, along with my own personal aspirations to hone my skills in the more ‘hands-on’ creative pursuits I enjoy such as painting, photography and printmaking. It’s going to be a busy one indeed but I wouldn’t have it any other way and am eager to get into it!

Wishing you a very happy, successful, safe, healthy and adventurous new year and I look forward to posting again very soon 🙂

new design studio - Jen Clark Graphic Designer