The Design Process

Engaging a professional designer might seem daunting, but it really needn’t be. Below is an outline of the typical process involved in a branding project. This process can vary slightly for other design projects but provides a good overview of what to expect.

  • 1

    Detailed Project Briefing

    Via a carefully structured, easy-to-complete design questionnaire, I gather key information about your target audience(s), competitors, overarching business goals and visual preferences.

  • 2

    Ideation and Research

    Once a project brief has been finalised, I literally put pencil to paper, generating numerous rough ideas and concepts for your branding that are then fine tuned and resolved in digital form for presentation.

  • 3

    Presentation of Concepts

    I supply you with all finessed digital concepts for your branding for review. Typically, I present three concepts but occasionally more depending on the specific project. Accompanying each of these concepts is a short written rationale linked to your original brief.

  • 4

    Feedback / Revisions

    Included in my standard branding fee are up to three rounds of minor revisions to as many or as few concepts presented as you see fit.

  • 5

    Finalisation / Sign-Off

    You determine a final concept that you're 100% happy with and sign off. If by chance a concept can't be decided on, I will happily negotiate the provision of one or more additional concepts either gratis or for a discounted fee.

  • 6

    Supply of Digital Assets / Ongoing Support

    All of your final digital brand assets (logo files, font files and style guide), along with any supporting design solutions are packaged up and sent to you for ongoing use. Files supplied are in formats appropriate for print, digital and environmental applications.